This is that time of the year when there is festivity and cheer in the air. In Goa, Christmas is celebrated with pomp and ceremonial splendor. It is a festival that leaps across religious disparities and warms all hearts. Goan catholic houses are adorned with Christmas trees, baubles and other shimmery ornaments and bursting at the seams with joy. The tantalizing fragrance of Bebinca and Dodol (traditional Goan sweets) is heavy in the air. It is a time of family gatherings and exchanging gifts with loved ones. After indulging in the delicious Christmas feast, most people head to either a dance or a party. The dances are a more traditional way of celebrating Christmas Eve and Christmas night. Dapper in formal suites, the men escort their beaus who are also dressed to the nines, to dances for a night of hobnobbing with friends and shaking a leg to groovy band music. The days between Christmas and New Year are packed with parties and dances as well. December is the time when people from all over the world descend on Goa. The beaches up North are swarming with tourists, basking in the bonhomie and soaking the electric vibe in the air. For some people the days before New Year’s eve fuse into one long party whereas others prefer to rest before the big night. On New Year’s eve people either go to dances or parties. Read more about Christmas here


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