There is no cuisine in India that distinctively marries sweet, spicy, and savoury as beautifully as Gujarati food. The simple, wholesome appearance of every snack and dish belies a flavoursome experience beneath. Cidade de Goa introduces you to the wonder of this cuisine through its Gujarati Thali Food Festival this month.

At Café Azul, the resort’s relaxing restaurant with a mesmerising view of the beach, traditional recipes from Gujarat will make their way to the menu from September 21-29, 2017. You can start off with a refreshing masala chaas and snack on the region’s special dhokla and dahi samosa chaat. Surat’s well-loved undhiyu is made with love as is the delectable sambhariya bhindi made of fresh okra.

Vatana batata nu shaak is the Gujarati way of making aloo mattar, but you will instantly note the difference in taste. Ringan nu oloo is one of the most famous dishes from Kathiawad region and you’ll get a chance to taste it in all its glory at Cidade de Goa’s Gujarati Food Festival.

There will also be the quintessential dal, khichdi, kadi, puris and phulka as well as athanu or pickles – made from mango and chilli – and roasted or fried papad based on your preference.

To make this thali sumptuous special Gujarati desserts like basundi flavoured lightly with cardamom and generously topped with nuts, and hot jalebis dunked in sweet sugar syrup.

Indulge in the mouthwatering tastes of Gujarat at Cidade de Goa’s Gujarati Food Festival from September 21-29, 2017 only at Café Azul.

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