What is Planet Goa Online:

An off shoot of the well established, 7 year old, Planet Goa Magazine, Planet Goa Online is the Digital arm which has been created and working for close to 3 years now. Goa can now boast of its very own home-grown Digital Media with the advent of the Planet Goa online media, consisting of its website, app and its formidable Social Media presence via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, You Tube, etc.

Why list your establishment:

Reader / customer focused strategy:

Planet-Goa has always steered its readers in the categorical direction that they wish to go and beyond at all times. Accordingly, the Brand has always strategised to maintain a content focus which blends reader needs with the best options available, in their preferred search category.

Here's where our digital and online platform has played a key role over the last 3 to 4 years and also maintained its strategic positioning at all times. And, as they say - if it’s in Goa, it’s got to be on www.planetgoaonline.com, the Planet Goa App or you will find out all about it on the Planet Goa Social media space - else, perhaps it’s not in Goa!

Client Opportunities:

The Planet- Goa website - www.planetgoaonline.com - A site full of information which lists opportunities on things to do, places to visit, best deals for stay, dining and partying options, services, utilities, etc. The website has several reader and advertiser friendly options of things like reader offers, best stay deals, etc. for providing value-for-money options for readers as well as allowing listed clients to promote their product / merchandise / services.

The Planet-Goa Digital App – One of the most downloaded apps when it comes to anything that you need to know about Goa…. and be it a place readers are looking for when they simply want to reserve a table at a restaurant of their choice, attend an event, look for ‘things-to-do’ options available near them, chances are the Planet-Goa App will tell them just that and more !Its your opportunity to get into their consideration mind-set at the time when they are making a decision. The app can be downloaded on Google Play store for Android and iTunes store for Apple devices as well as on the Windows platform for other hand held devices.

Planet Goa Social Media Platforms - The most wanted area to be seen at by all businesses from Goa. The most 'like-d' Goa page and groups on Facebook with well over 200,000 LIKES and round-the-clock posting, has a reach like no other medium on Goa. Further backed up by Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, You tube, etc., there's still a lot more to come your way as the medium keeps evolving. All we can say, if you are in business, don't miss out on the Planet Goa Social media promotion platform - it’s not going to wait for anyone!

How to list:

Just fill out the form below and we will get in touch with you right away!


If you prefer to chat with us directly, pick up your phone and call on the following numbers: 08322451703 / 08322451425/9402689787.


Drop a mail to: iwanttolist@planetgoaonline.com

If your business is in Goa and you are serious about promoting your business, Planet Goa Online Digital Media is meant for you !!

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