While the local domicile of Goa is now at about 1.4 million, it also has a year-on-year growing floating population of travellers visiting the State, mainly on holiday. On last count, in 2013, Goa received 3 million plus travellers, with over half a million of them being international travellers.

To describe our reader base, they can be broken up into 3 segments:

  • The upscale local domicile and people living in Goa, and definitely passionate about the state.
  • The holidayer already in Goa on holiday, seeking info on how best to spend his holiday.
  • The person living outside of Goa, who probably already has a connect with the state or aspires to visit the state at some opportune time.

The attributes of these readers can be best described through the psychographics, and are from a mix of:

  • Their passion for the state as well as wishing to explore into the aura that surrounds the very name of the state.
  • Readers who can be termed as a mix of high net worth individuals to people definitely over an income bracket where they have the disposable income available at hand to take a holiday. As is well known and obvious, a holiday is something which clearly a person can do only after having provided for all their other needs.
  • Arrive in Goa with an ‘X’ amount of money which they are likely to spend on their holiday.
  • A very captive audience as not only are they searching for info, which product / service advertising provides, but also at a time when their minds are most receptive to consuming and digesting the info and message being provided.
  • Figures from the tourism department show that 45% of travellers into Goa are repeat travellers who are coming in for their second or more visit – clearly they love the Goa experience.
  • Also at an average the per capita expenditure on their holiday in Goa (3 N / 4 D) is in excess of Rs 7000 per person.
  • Last but not the least, the Planet-Goa universe also encompasses another 30 million people who aspire to come to Goa but cannot make it for whatever reason!

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